Specialist in water treatment


The company was born out of more than fifteen years of experience in the field. After having worked with leading engineering companies on projects at both the national and international levels, the company now specialises in water treatment through comprehensive contract management.
It offers services, technologies and systems to simplify water management.
It sees itself as a resource for addressing and solving problems related to the integrated water cycle.

By working directly with clients or as part of a team with other specialist companies, we can guarantee excellent all-round management of even the most complex projects.

  • 1

    We design, build and install wastewater treatment plants for both civil and industrial applications.

  • 2

    We develop new systems in order to offer clients efficient, environmentally friendly plants.

  • 3

    We work on the maintenance, repair and overhaul of purification facilities with our own fully equipped workshop staffed by qualified technicians who are kept up to date with continuous training.

  • 4

    We offer a service for after-sales management of wastewater treatment plants.

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