Wastewater from
the tourism sector

The management of water discharges in the tourism/hospitality sector is of great importance; just think of the water used in hotel rooms (showers, flushing toilets, etc.) and restaurant kitchens (meal preparation, dishwashing, etc.), or in swimming pools or spas. The flow of wastewater from this economic sector is very inconsistent, both in terms of water volumes and the quality of the pollutants present, and is usually compromised by anthropogenic activity. Depending on where the wastewater comes from, it may be contaminated with various types of substances that are hazardous to health and the environment.

These pollutants, both organic and inorganic, can be divided into:

floatable substances such as oils and fats, foams and other insoluble compounds
suspended particles which do not settle due to turbulence
colloidali, non dissociabili dall’acqua con trattamenti meccanicicolloidal: cannot be separated from water by mechanical treatments
dissolved: molecularly or ionically dispersed in water
biological materials: animal and vegetable organisms in the water.

Solutions for wastewater treatment and recovery

Impianti che combinano più processi di natura chimica, fisica e biologica, in grado di ottenere un effluente idoneo allo scarico, ma anche al suo riutilizzo.

The use of cutting-edge technology makes it possible to obtain a final effluent that can be discharged into the ground, a lake or the sea or that can be re-used for consumption within the facility itself for purposes such as the irrigation of green spaces, which are widely present in hospitality facilities, and for flushing toilets. A full-cycle solution that turns wastewater into a resource by optimising water consumption and helping the facility reduce management costs and the environmental impact.We have collaborated in the construction of wastewater treatment plants for the treatment of wastewater from:

hotels and guesthouses

resorts, holiday villages and campsites

pizzerias and restaurants



COMS Srl collaborated in the construction of the purification plants of the companies mentioned.

Download the product sheet for plant construction in the tourism sector.

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