Containerised wastewater treatment plants

MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) technology consists of combining a series of ultrafiltration membranes with the conventional activated sludge process to replace secondary sedimentation. The membranes facilitate the separation of suspended solids, bacteria and most viruses from the effluent. In the CWT-M series, the MBR process is fully automatic and can be supplied in modular solutions and built inside standardised containers that are perfectly suited for applications of up to 2000 A.E.

Cwt-m series plants are the ideal solution for treating civil wastewater for:

small urban centres
schools, hotels and resorts
golf courses and marinas
shopping centres and business centres
construction sites, military camps and industrial ports

Coms offers compact solutions with great potential

It is possible to reduce the overall dimensions and volumes of the tanks while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

State-of-the-art technology yields a final effluent that is suitable to be re-used for technical or irrigation purposes. This is accomplished by reducing the impact of building works and by reducing the volume of the tanks to a half or even a quarter of those used in conventional processes. The plants are fully pre-assembled and tested at our factory in order to speed up and optimise future installation at the sites where they are to be used. The wastewater treatment plant just needs to be connected to the hydraulic and electrical utilities in order to start it up. This special feature makes our plants ideal for use in temporary situations or emergencies, as once a specific function has been completed, they can be removed and easily used elsewhere.

In summary, the advantages we can achieve with containerised plants are:

  • reduced volumes, without sacrificing the quality of the effluent;
  • pre-assembled, factory-tested plants;
  • minimal construction work;
  • ease and speed of installation;
  • possibility of re-using the plant at other sites, with shipping by land or sea;
  • customisation.

Download the product sheet for containerised plant construction.

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