Wastewater from the laundry
dry-cleaning and dyeworks sector

The laundry sector is characterised by the most heterogeneous activities (self-service laundries, stone-washing, industrial laundries, dry-cleaners and dyeworks, etc.) and therefore can be differentiated according to the quantities of wastewater produced per day. The services offered by these companies have a strong impact on the environment due to the large quantities of water required during the production cycle and the contamination that the products impart to the discharge. This is why the design of wastewater treatment plants for this sector must take special requirements into account.

Wastewater from laundries is highly contaminated and primarily contains the following pollutants:

surfactants derived from the use of detergents in washing
suspended solids from textile fibres (lint or threads) released from garments during washing
organic pollution generated by 'soiling' of laundry or table linen
colour resulting from stone-washing treatments or dyeing

Plants that incorporate water re-use.

COMS propone la sostituzione degli impianti tipo chimico-fisico e fanghi attivi con quelli di nuova concezione tipo MBR.

MBR reactors not only guarantee high standards of quality for the purified effluent, but also offer the potential of recovering a large part of it (up to 80%) for re-use in washing while replacing only the water that evaporates due to heat. This option also allows for operational flexibility, and is therefore well suited to seasonal activities or varying hydraulic loads.
We have collaborated in the construction of wastewater treatment plants to serve the laundry, dry-cleaning and dyeworks sector handling:

table linen for canteens and restaurants.

hotel and hospital linen, work clothe

carpets and upholstery

stone-washing of garments

dyeing of socks and woollen or cotton fabrics

COMS Srl collaborated in the construction of the purification plants of the aforementioned companies.

Download the product sheet for plant construction in the laundry, dry-cleaning and dyeworks sector.

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